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Inspiration 1 (in a continuing series)

Today I start a new on-going series of posts focusing on visual inspiration. No words, just images. (Although I reserve the right to write about anything more in-depth at a later date.)

(from we love PROPAGANDA Flickr set)

MOMA image
(from MoMA, The New Typography exhibit)

July 9, 2010 | crankin | art, design, inspiration | Comments (0)

I Love Lists

I love lists. Not all lists but “competitive lists.” I remember reading the Book of Lists (and the Guinness Book of World Records) as a kid. I admit I was kind of nerdy (some may say I still am) but I love reading through lists. I look forward to the end of the year in anticipation of year-end “Best Of” lists. I make my own — I may pretend someone is interested and actually publish them this year.

I’m not surprised then that I have three separate lists open in my current set of 40+ Safari tabs. I wouldn’t think a list would be an easy template to use for developing content but web sites are always publishing lists. I always read them and I always plan/hope/dream that my name and likeness will appear on one (or more) one of these days.

I just finished reviewing the recently published Austin American-Statesman Out & About 500 which “recognizes those among us who are everywhere, all the time, often doing good, weaving the social fabric of Austin.” I’m not too sure what that means but they have enough categories (all 15 are listed on Michael Barnes’ blog) and people (500 individuals and couples) on the list that I don’t see why I can’t be on it next year.

Although it was published in January, I also finally read through The New York Times Style Magazine’s Nifty 50, a review of America’s up-and-coming talent. I thought they developed an interesting list covering photography, art, dance, music, acting, food, and sports. I don’t think I uncovered anyone new to me but “future prognosis lists” are one of my favorite types of list and this one was worth reading.

The third list I had open was the Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010. I immediately have a lot of questions about a list in a business-focused magazine that contains Lady Gaga and James Cameron in the top 10 but they also included people like Aaron Koblin, Zachary Lieberman, and Yugo Nakamura in the 100 so I guess they didn’t create the entire list based solely on selling more copies of their magazine. To be completely honest, this might be my favorite list of these three because each profile has a “mash-up” feel that includes the person’s Twitter feed, an image gallery, Wikipedia entry, Flickr feed, blog, and Google news. I don’t have to research anyone on the list because all of their public online information is right on their profile page. I appreciate that Fast Company provides all this information instead of making me search for it myself.

I hope you don’t think any less of me now that I’ve come clean about my list fetish.

June 27, 2010 | crankin | art, design, lists | Comments (0)

What I’d Be Doing This Week If It Weren’t For The Kids

Although it’s not fair to completely blame the kids (there’s also a general lack of money and the large amount of work I need to get done), a schedule like the one below makes me long for more free time. Right now, as of Tuesday night, I think my best bets are the Luke Savisky show on Wednesday and possibly the Cave & Mountain Tour on Thursday.

If you have the time, I’d suggest checking out any of these events. And if you go, let me know how it was.

Monday, April 26

  • Tosca String Quartet performs new commissions presented by Golden Hornet Project with guest composer and performer, Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend. [already missed]

Tuesday, April 27

  • Monofonus Press presents Teleportal 4: Fusebox with Amelia Gray, Austin Kleon, Jon Cotner, and Alex Karpovsky. [already missed]

Wednesday, April 28

  • Brötzmann / Drake at Victory Grill presented by Epistrophy Arts
  • Stepchild, a motion picture installation onto and around the amphitheater seating area of the Austin City Hall, by Luke Savisky
  • Cave & Mountain Tour, an interpretive group exploration of the undiscovered caves and unclimbed mountains within urban landscapes, with Keith Wilson. Sponsored by Domy Books and SOFA Gallery

Thursday, April 29

  • Jordan / Drake / Håker-Flaten Trio at Victory Grill presented by Epistrophy Arts
  • Cave & Mountain Tour, an interpretive group exploration of the undiscovered caves and unclimbed mountains within urban landscapes, with Keith Wilson. Sponsored by Domy Books and SOFA Gallery

Friday, April 30

  • Difficult Listening Institute, represents a tic on the long timeline of the reductive approach to pure tone, and electro acoustic expressionism in music. We’ll explore some contemporary applications and concepts in music in the form of three short pieces followed by a very long one, where you’ll have the chance to spend the night in the Salvage Vanguard Theater Gallery as a participant in an intermedia “Sleep Concert.”
  • Low Lives 2 is a one-night exhibition, produced and curated by Jorge Rojas, of live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time at numerous venues throughout the U.S.

Also, after I get paid at the beginning of the month, I intend to back The Church of the Friendly Ghost’s Kickstarter project to host a three-day New Media Art & Sound Summit.

A lot of cool stuff is happening in this city.

April 27, 2010 | crankin | art, austin | Comments (0)

Austin Must See 1

The first in a series of art exhibits and other events that you (and I) should go see.

Arthouse is planning on temporarily closing in order to expand and renovate their building. Their plans, developed by Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis, will triple the space and add artists’ studios and two screening rooms. This expansion is not news. The news is that they’re going out with a bang by presenting Liz Glynn’s ‘24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project’ on September 26. The project, recently part of of the New Museum’s ‘Younger than Jesus’ show, attempts to build a scale model of Rome in a day. At the end of the 24 hours, all the performers destroy the model. The Arthouse version also promises related musical performances and poetry readings along with other related events.

If this performance and a recently announced visiting lecturer series are representative of the types of work they will be presenting while they are ‘closed’ and after, Arthouse is going to seriously raise the level of the contemporary art scene in this city in the upcoming year. I look forward to it.

July 25, 2009 | crankin | art, museums | Comments (0)

Twitter SK8

JODI constructed skateboards from wireless keyboards and streamed the text inputed while skating to a Twitter account. Possibly one of the best uses of Twitter I’ve seen yet.

June 24, 2009 | crankin | art, socialmedia | Comments (0)